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Cleaning services by Edinburgh Dusters is an established company offering cleaning services in Edinburgh and across Lothian. Since 2009 we have been providing high-quality cost-effective cleaning services to both residential and business premises.

We offer a high attention to detail cleaning service, to homes and offices, in and around Edinburgh. We also work in partnership with other companies.

Cleaners Edinburgh – House cleaning services in Edinburgh & Lothian

Edinburgh Dusters provides a high attention to detail cleaning service when it comes to your home. From cleaning the kitchen, we thoroughly clean all horizontal services, from hob, sink, skirting boards. We also give the kitchen cupboard facades a clean as well, even the oven.

The Next part of the property tends to be the bathroom area, which is the other most used room. We clean mirrors, glass shower doors or screens, make the chrome look nice and shiny. The Cleaning of the bathroom sink, around the taps, and backsplash of tiles, making sure they are nice and shiny. When Edinburgh Dusters cleans the toilet, we tend to find a lot of people miss the back pipe. Which is the right way to clean the back of the toilet, or around the base area? We then clean the bath or shower area, from the screen, tiles, around the showerhead, and main shower unit on the wall.

After Edinburgh Dusters, Cleaners Edinburgh has cleaned the bathroom. Edinburgh Dusters will start the dusting of horizontal surfaces, from windowsills, skirting boards, furniture around the property. Edinburgh dusters will then hoover and wash all floors.

If you’re looking for a professional cleaning company in the Edinburgh and surrounding area, then Edinburgh Dusters is here to meet your needs.

Cleaners Edinburgh Office cleaning services in Edinburgh & Lothian

You will find office cleaning in Edinburgh, is very similar to residential cleaning, where there is a kitchen area to clean, depending on the size of the office. The Kitchen area is cleaned in the same manner as if in a home, by making sure the surfaces are cleaned, and any spillages are cleaned off the facades of the cupboards. Usually once a month the fridge gets a thorough clean out, while microwaves get checked every time.

The toilet area in an office or office building is similar to the one you have at home, where we clean the mirrors and sink area. We make sure the toilets, are cleaned from the back pipe, the bowl, seat and the surrounding area are cleaned. If required stocking up on hand towels and toilet rolls.

The next stage of cleaning an office is to get the desks cleaned, monitors, phones, and keyboard, if required by the client, due to confidential info on the desk. Making sure all the bins including the recycling are emptied, hoovering of all floors, and then mopping all washable floors.

Do you need a local cleaning company near Edinburgh then we can help?

Commercial Cleaning Services in Edinburgh & Lothian

Commercial cleaning involves the cleaning of a refurbished or new shop or restaurant premises, which might include it being builders clean, or a sparkle, clean, depending on the type of work that has been undertaken. The cleaning of public houses, bars, which are places of eating, and large office blocks. These may require daily cleaning.

The main cleaning services we offer, in and around Edinburgh, are to help keep the client happy, by providing a high standard throughout.

Edinburgh Dusters can also provide high-quality cleaning service to small commercial business premises, across Edinburgh and Lothian.

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Attention to Detail Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

Attention to Detail Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

Moving in Cleaning Services in Edinburgh or Moving out Cleaning Services in Edinburgh


If you are moving out or in, to a residential property, office, or commercial premises, we offer a high attention to detail cleaning service in Edinburgh. We also offer as a sub-contract service carpet cleaning in Edinburgh, and Window cleaning service.

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