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Office Cleaning Services in Edinburgh

We have been offering daily office cleaning, around Edinburgh and Lothian. Cleaning the office kitchen area, keeping the toilets fresh and clean in the office, cleaning the desks, horizontal surfaces, emptying bins, hoovering the floors and washing the floors.

Office cleans includes: When cleaning your office, we clean the kitchen surfaces, facades of cupboards, loading dishwasher if required. Making sure the toilet are is nice and clean, fresh, by sanitising, the sinks, toilets, cleaning the mirrors, replenishing any hand towels or soap if needed. Keeping your work space clean, by cleaning the monitor, wiping under keyboard, desk lamp, and back of monitor area of desk. We also make sure the rubbish bins are emptied, and the recycling placed in the appropriate place. Hoovering all the floors in the office and the moping the washable floors.

Your office is a busy place, and it is important to have an initial clean done every few months. This can be known as a sparkle clean, where we get to the areas of the office that is blocked off by office furniture. We also advise taking everything off your desk so we can give your work area and thorough clean every few months.

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