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Deep cleaning service is just one of the many services we offer around Edinburgh and Lothian. When was the last time you gave the kitchen cupboards a good clean inside, or the top of the wall units. Not cleaned behind your bookcase in a while, or under the bed in the bedroom, well let Edinburgh Dusters help you with giving your home or office a thorough deep cleaning service.

By offering a deep cleaning service, we love cleaning, we love getting to the things that are unseen, in your home or office. We love nothing better than turning a property that needs some attention to detail cleaning, into feeling fresh as a spring morning.

Deep cleaning is very similar to end of tenancy cleaning. By cleaning all horizontal surfaces, around the door handles of doors, round the back of the toilet, where people do not like to clean. Many places that are missed in cleaning a home or office, is under the radiators, which gather a lot of dust. We also prep areas like the bathroom, where you get a lot of mold and mildew, from showering and baths.  Once prepped it makes it easier to clean, and saves time and money.

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