Dirty Work Cleaning

Cleaning up where others haven’t
Edinburgh and the Lothian aria

Dirty work cleaning Edinburgh is not as common, but it does happen. Dirty work cleaning happens when, someone has left a property without doing any cleaning at all. This could be down to someone who has left a rented flat, or having a property repossessed. In some cases it is because someone has died. Before any cleaning is done in a property, first thing we do is clear all the rubbish, which has been left behind.

We will separate the property content, where some will be thrown away, or some to charity etc. We use  our rubbish removal contractor, who will pick up the content, and safely and correctly dispose of the things collected properly.  Once all the rubbish has been removed, we start the process of making sure the property is cleaned to the best it can be. Making sure it is ready for any tradesmen coming in to start refurbishment and maintenance services on the property in Edinburgh.

The last property we did was a few years ago, you can see the pictures in our gallery, of the job we did. So if you know of someone who has a property that is in need of some dirty work cleaning get in touch.

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