Holiday Let Cleaning

Cleaning Services For Your Holiday Lets

Holiday let cleaning service is the same as hotel cleaning, because when the guests have left the room, the hotel room has to be changed over.  What is a change over, a change over involves making sure the holiday let cottage, house, apartment, is fresh for guests coming in.

We change the the bed linen and put clean freshly ironed bed sheets on the beds, with fresh towels and complementaries, which would be a shower-gel and a bar of soap.  We then make sure the kitchen is nice and clean, making sure the sink and surfaces are disinfected, fridge cleaned out, microwave, and front facades of doors. We make sure all rubbish is put in the bins outside, with a fresh bag placed in the kitchen refuse bin. A fresh cloth and scour pad is left for next guest.

Once the kitchen is done we clean up the bathroom, making the sink and toilet nice and clean and shiny, and of course smelling fresh, and the shower bath area as well.  The rest is making sure the rooms are hoovered and dusted, and floors washed.


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