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We at Edinburgh Dusters offer an oven cleaning, in and around Edinburgh and Lothian,. When you decide that you think it is time to clean your oven, give us a call, and we would be happy to help is cleaning your oven. Most people tend to get their oven cleaned once a year if that, but we highly recommend, twice a year, if you do use your oven on a regular basis. The process, we take to clean your oven, depending on how bad it is.

We May pre clean the silver racks of the oven, do some scraping of any burnt grease at the base of the oven. We use a non toxic gel inside the oven, and leave it for a day or two, depending on how baked on the grease is. We soak the silver racks in a solution, which helps dissolve the burnt on grease on the racks.  After we have left the oven for a day or two, we will come and scrub any excess grease off the racks, also clean away the gel from the base of the oven. Once all has been cleaned we put your oven back together, and leave you with a nice clean oven.

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